Grace Gathering Kids

Our Mission

Grace Gathering Kids exists to partner with parents to raise children who know, love, trust and share Jesus by teaching them to worship God, grow in their faith, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

6 Core Beliefs of GGK’s Ministry

We Believe in Biblical Truth
We believe in the truth of the Bible and an Ever-Present, Ever-Powerful, Ever-Loving God. This belief drives our WHY. It is the foundation of what we do, what we teach, who we recruit, and how we serve.

We Believe in Relational Ministry
We believe lives are changed by relationships, not programs. Knowing this, we train volunteers in relational ministry. We design events to build and deepen positive relationships, both child-to-child, and child-to-leader. We strive to cover children with care, celebrating significant occasions and pursuing when absent.

We Believe in a Safe, Affirming Environment
Our standards foster a place where every student is loved, included, and protected. We prioritize physical, emotional, social, and spiritual safety. Children and volunteers are built up and never torn down.

We Believe in Congregational Involvement
We recognize every person in our church as a significant influence on our kids. Our children’s ministry is part of the whole ministry of the church, not an entity unto itself. We seek opportunities to partner with parents and other church ministries. We believe our children should be seen, heard, valued, and loved!

We Believe in a Cradle to College Ministry
We believe transitions between program ages are incredibly important in a church. We build consistency between leaders and programs to keep students looking forward to next-level involvement.

We Believe in Building Children into Leaders through Service
We recognize that children need a place where they can make a difference and feel significant. We develop gifts, responsibility, and leadership through service to others and in our church body.

Your children are a precious treasure from God! And we highly value the honor and responsibility to shepherd them while under our care. We will do all we can to keep them safe as we teach them about the gospel of Jesus and how to follow Him.

GGK’s Policy

What to expect- We desire for Sunday Kids Gatherings to be a time when kids can learn how to be disciples of Jesus.  We do this by incorporating a time to celebrate Jesus through singing and dancing and a time to learn about Jesus and to get to know Him better through the teaching of His Word in an engaging and age-appropriate way        

Our GGK Ministry Serving Team Members have all undergone an application and background check process prior to serving at a GGK Sunday Gathering


Next to the Kids Ministry classrooms, there will be a Check-In table where one of our GG Kids Ministry Serving Team Members will be happy to assist you.  On your first visit with us, you’ll be asked to fill out an “Information Form” with basic information about your child.  For the security of the children, we use a number/label system.  During check-in, each child and parent/guardian will be given a unique number.  No child will be checked out without this number/label has been matched to the one that the parent/guardian provides.


There are two designated classrooms for our GG Kids:


K- 5th grade

We have put in place safety policies to ensure your kids will be safe and secure:

  • A child is never to be alone with an adult
  • Only female team members (or a child’s parent or guardian) is allowed to change a diaper
  • Only parents/legal guardians are allowed to assist children with going to the bathroom
  • All toys and surfaces are sanitized prior to our Sunday Gathering

In the event of a minor incident, team members can only assist with providing band-aids.  In the event that an incident requires something more than applying a band-aid, the parent or legal guardian will be notified right away.